What is to give light must endure burning. – Viktor Frankl

Every night after tucking the kids in, as I’m shutting off the lights and locking the doors, it always makes me smile, a great way to end the day.  Outside on the front porch, through the front door sidelight, three tea light candles glow in the darkness.  Jake has faithfully lit the candles every night, one for him, Trevor and me, as he spends a little time alone, talking to mom about his day, what he’s feeling, or just sitting in silent contemplation.

He started this the night she died.  After we built Trevor’s grotto, we lingered a bit longer in the woods surrounding the house, enjoying the cool evening, a gentle breeze, and the stars.  When we wandered back up to the house, Jake had the entire steps and walkway up to the door aglow with candles, a la luminaries at Christmastime.  It was breathtaking, beautiful.  He did it on his own, and continues to do it every night on his own, a special tribute to his mom’s light and love and spirit.

May mom always watch over you, Jake…


3 thoughts on “Light

  1. What a beautiful soul he has Joe…your sweet special children will guide you and help you through this difficult time . May you all find peace.

  2. This was also amazing to witness first hand on that serene night. I remember waking about 4 A.M. that night and looking outside and somehow some of those lights were still glowing, despite the wind. Amazing night. Amazing boys (including you, Joe).

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