Caring Place Quilt Dedication Ceremony

“I am here for you,

You are here for me,

We are here for each other”

CP QuiltMay 19, 2013 – Grief to a child – it must be the most baffling emotion of all…

What wonderful and sacred work the Caring Place does!  I don’t know what the boys got out of our 12 weeks of time at the Caring Place, and its dividends may not be evident for years – but I am proud of them for their courage and hard work.  And our quilt square is beautiful, Debbie would be so happy hers is on a pink quilt! 

This day was an emotional train wreck for me, but we will probably all look back and smile someday at what we created, at what we shared, and at what we learned.

Big thanks to the dedicated, caring and genuine staff at the Caring Place, and to all the volunteers who give so selflessly of themselves to help those that are hurting…

The Quilt – by Kevin Sunderman

Memories squeezed from crushed

hearts, pieces picked out

of shattered lives, letters tickets

commendations photos dog

tags strips of fabric paintings

drawings writings feelings

toys keys medals hopes

papers names dreams

a single spent rifle shell in salute

fragments of lives once

shared shreds of a whole now

left behind in another hole placed


carefully tremblingly on small cloth

squares lives condensed

between four borders so much

there in such a small

space so much not there

or anywhere ever again giving

urgency to the task of careful

placement careful ironing

on of cloth careful sewing

closed some of the holes

in lives felt to be broken open

like fence after a stampede


families working intensely alone and

together with each other anyway

sharing thread sharing scrapes

sharing tables sharing

losses for which there’s

no practice no training

no preparation thrown in the deep

deep end and it’s sink or

swim and no going back to

start over and no chance to

choose a different course and

at least we can help

each other keep afloat


quilt squares created, lives once

lived poured into cotton pieces

assembled together into a memorial

to lives still living inside hearts

and souls and families bruised

but limping onward a memorial

quilt woven of pieces from each

of us to make a larger and

stronger whole:

We are that quilt, families

woven together into a larger and

stronger whole and each of

us will be part of each other

for the rest of our days knit

together in our loss and in our

hope a tribute to those

gone and a sign of life

continuing on

by Kevin Sunderman


One thought on “Caring Place Quilt Dedication Ceremony

  1. You will look back and smile. You will look back and wonder how you got through all this. I’m glad you guys made time for The Caring Place and think you should continue counseling. It’s hard to find time to squeeze it all in, but you should. I love you all and am SO proud of you all!

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