Transformation After Loss 

A Heartfelt Journey towards Healing

Feb. 24, 2015, 6:30-8 pm


All losses hurt, and the process of working through the confusing emotions and pain is real, and difficult – that’s why it is called grief work.

It may not seem to be while going through it, but losses are often times also opportunities for transformation. Many a grief survivor, once through the necessary pain and suffering, comes to recognize that the changes and gifts learned through the grief process have made them a better person.

Come share your feelings of hurt and confusion in a safe, loving environment, and learn how to start working through these emotions, perhaps even arriving at a place of acceptance, and growth.

Facilitated by Deb Thackrah, healer, light worker, ordained minister, and soul counselor, and Joe Walko, who lost his wife to cancer, and has traveled the long road of grief, found gifts in the transformation, and wishes to share his story and lessons.

Date – Feb. 24, 2015

Time – 6:30-8 pm
Location – 611 Southwest Ave, Greensburg, PA

RSVP or more info – 724-757-2533

“We are not meant to stay wounded. We are supposed to move through our tragedies and challenges and to help each other move through the many painful episodes of our lives. By remaining stuck, we block our own transformation. We overlook the greater gifts inherent in our wounds – the strength to overcome them and the lessons that we are meant to receive through them. Wounds are means through which we enter the hearts of other people. They are meant to teach us to become compassionate and wise.” – Caroline Mays

pdf flyer – Transformation After Loss



Radio Interview 9/6/2014 on A Kind Voice Radio!

Please join me on Saturday, September 6, 2014, for a discussion of grief, the gifts of grief, and my book, “Evening’s Light.”  Hosted by Dominick Domasky and A Kind Voice Radio.

A captivating conversation on dealing with and overcoming grief, with Joe Walko. Joe is a full time widowed parent to two beautiful but challenging boys, now unemployed by choice after a 25-year career in corporate finance, a writer and blogger searching to find his voice, a seeker, a nature and adventure junkie discovering whole new worlds and beauty in the glorious struggle, in the ordinary, in his own backyard, and mostly, in his heart.

Joe lost his wife, Debbie, to breast cancer two years ago. His wife’s passing has left two children without a mom, a husband without a partner and best friend, a household with befuddled boys at the helm, and a huge void filled with sorrow and loss.
His world turned upside down, Joe started a blog, to begin working through and recognizing the issues of grief and the feelings and emotions of loss. It was not an easy journey, but he clung to a quote that offered hope – “Grief shared is grief diminished.”

And that is the point of his first book, “Evening’s Light, A Journey With Grief”. Joe would like to offer hope and sharing and, yes, even eventually seeing the gifts of loss and grief by sharing his story.

“When faced by any loss, there’s no point in trying to recover what has been; it’s best to take advantage of the large space that opens up before us and fill it with something new.” – Paulo Coelho

Hosted by Dominick Domasky

EL Flyer

July 31, 2014 – Evening’s Light, A Journey With Grief, is now available in print!

EL Cover Sky 2

Order a print copy from Amazon here:

July 31, 2014 – Evening’s Light, A Journey With Grief, is now available in print!

EL Cover Sky 2

Order a print copy from Amazon here:

Or order a print copy from local publishers Tuxedo&Beans here:


Healing Hikes

May 10, 2014, Twin Lakes Park, Greensburg

May 13, 2014, Duff Park, Murrysville


I will be co-hosting two Healing Hikes, along with Deb Thackrah of Touch of Grace Healing, at Twin Lakes Park in Greensburg, PA.

For anyone who has experienced loss and is now dealing with the baffling emotions of grief, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Following the death of my wife, I traveled through grief, a painful yet ultimately spiritual and growing experience.  I solicited traveling companions on my journey with grief, which made all the difference. Not all of these companions were human, as Nature was one of my most comforting, forgiving, and ultimately, inspiring compatriots.

Come join Deb and I as we take steps to soothe the soul, refocus the mind, and rejuvenate the body. We will allow nature to cleanse, restore and heal. We can choose to share our loss and tears with others, and with the forests and fields, surrendering to nature’s healing gifts. We will learn to let go of the loss and pain, and begin again..

Date – May 10, 2014
Time – 9am-Noon
Location – Twin Lakes Park, Greensburg, PA.  We will meet at the parking lot on McWilliams Road, by Pavillion #8 (see map below)

Date – May 13, 2014
Time – 10am-Noon
Location – Duff Park, Murrysville, PA.  We will meet in the parking lot.

Healing Hike

Healing Hike-Duff

Twin Lakes MAP 2013_201304081047571918


2 thoughts on “News

    • There is no charge Suzanne, Deb and I are doing this because we really believe it is necessary and can help, for all losses, even for that of a lost childhood. “Greif shared is grief diminshed” is the motto of this blog, and I know firsthand that it is true. We would more than welcome you to any of the hikes.

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